1896, 20 November: Columbia Falls Schools

The Columbus School, at Columbia Falls, was built in 1892. It is a handsome two-story red brick building of four departments, and is furnished in polished tamarack. The light and ventilation are good while the halls are wide.

The school is supplied with the best furniture, slate black-boards, a large bell, and modern apparatus. The building and furniture, when present improvements are completed, will cost $12,000, and accomodate on hundred and eighty pupils.

Since the school was founded, but two teachers have been employed. Prin. N. T. Conklin, who is serving his second year, has charge of the higher department, and Miss Mary G. Browne teaches the primary department.

The course of study, which is followed as closely as possible, is the one prepared by the State Board of Education.

The pupils of the Columbus school are all enthusiastic in their work, well advanced for their age, and rank second to none with any school of their size in the state. Last year, besides the regular work in the common branches, there were classes in physical geography, civil government, and algebra. This year a class studies rhetoric. Special attention is given to composition, the classics, grammar, mental arthimetic, written arithmetic, and orthography.

During the school year of 1896 there were enrolled in both departments one hundred pupils; at present the enrollment is eighty-five.

In order to secure funds for completing and furnishing the two upper rooms of the school building, the district last May voted a tax of $2,000. The rooms are now being finished; and after the holidays a third teacher will probably be employed. The school will be then much more efficient.

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