1909, 27 April: Columbia Falls Incorporated

As the result of the election held in Columbia Falls yesterday, that village has decided to step up and take her place with the regularly organized cities of the state.

The saloons offered about the only opposition to the movement. The returns of the election will be canvassed at the next meeting of the county commissioners, and then the new city can elect its officers at a special election after thirty days notice has been given of the coming of the election.

The vote stood 55 for incorporation and 30 against.

- - - Daily Inter Lake

1909, 22 June: Murray Is Elected First Mayor Of New City

The canvas of the election held at Columbia Falls for the election of municipal officers yesterday, was made this afternoon by the commissioners. E. J. Murray had no opposition for mayor, and the citizens ticket was successful in electing its aldermen, except in the third ward. The vote by wards are as follows:

1st Ward — Mayor, E. J. Murray, 26; Aldermen: Joe Imholt, 18; Axel Lund, 21; C. C. Miller, 13.

2nd Ward — Mayor, E. J. Murray, 44; Aldermen: Franklin Lord, 44; J. W. Lewtz, 22; J. T. Hutchinson, 28.

3rd Ward — Mayor, E. J. Murray 15; Aldermen: J. M. Grist, 6; M. Bartleson, 3; W. J. Howell, 5; Wm. Werner, 8; Albert Brinkerhoff, 9.

- - - Daily Inter Lake

1910, 23 September: Electric Lights For The Falls

Columbia Falls will turn on their electric lights for the first time tonight in their street lighting system, and in celebration of the event have arranged for a big jubilee. Manager McDonald has been invited to attend, and with other Kalispell people will help celebrate the turning on of the lights. Thirty-two arc lamps are being put in for a start, and a most effective system has been perfected.

- - - The Kalispell Bee

1956, 12 June: Falls To Use Dial Telephones Sunday

Columbia Falls telephone users will officially switch over to the dial telephone system at 12:01 a. m. Sunday.

Lyman Olliver, Whitefish - Columbia Falls Pacific Power & Light manager, said about 875 dial phones will go into use.

Being tested now is the installed dial equipment. Near completion is the exchange building behind the Falls PP&L office.

Columbia Falls numbers will be identified by the prefix Twinbrook 2.

A new number might be TW 2-3413. For local calls, the prefix need not be dialed.

Columbia Falls and Hungry Horse will communicate on a local basis with no long-distance charges. The Hungry Horse number prefix is Dupont 7.

Long distance calls from Columbia Falls will be handled by Kalispell operators.

- - - Daily Inter Lake

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