1895, 16 August: Columbia Falls Gets Soldiers Home

And Columbia Falls gets the soldiers home. Well, here's congratulations to Columbia Falls. It is the next best thing to having it located at Kalispell. We hope the location will prove to be a good one, and be a pleasant one for the old soldiers who may live there.

We think the commission made a mistake in selecting a location eighteen miles from town when they could have had one but a mile away. The extra subscription offered for the location chosen will not make up the difference in distance. It seems however that the commissioners thought different.

If the people who subscribed so liberally to secure the home think it will be worth the price they had to pay for it, it is no concern to other people, even though they may think it is paying pretty dear for the whistle.

- - - Inter Lake

1903, 05 June: Newspaper Plant Moving To Columbia Falls

It is reported that D. A. Henricks will move the plant of the defunct Libby Montanian to Columbia Falls and begin the publication of a paper there. He states that politically the paper will be Republican. It will probably be no difficult matter for Bro. Hendricks to be a republican - after a fashion. The Montanian switched its position so fast under his administration that it was no easy matter to locate it at all times. It was republican, Clark democratic, anti-Clark, and several other kinds, running wild and mixed a good share of the time. Any kind of political coat that was on the shelf seemed to fit well enough.

In a republican stronghold like Columbia Falls, though, it ought not to be hard for him to stick to one line for a few months at a time.

- - - Inter Lake

1903, 26 June: Columbia Falls Has A Newspaper

The first number of Hendricks "Columbian," the new newspaper at Columbia Falls is out, and makes a creditable appearance. Bro. Hendricks though new to his field, has been in the county for a good many years and he will give the people of Columbia Falls a good newspaper, if they do their part.

- - - Inter Lake

NOTE: The Columbian was published until 1925 when the owner moved the plant to Whitefish and began publishing the Whitefish Independent. Other early day newspapers in Columbia Falls were The Columbia Falls Review, renamed The Montana Review in March 1939.

1910, 29 April: Changes At Columbia Falls

Two important business changes are reported from Columbia Falls this week.

The big general store of R. W. Main & Co., has been sold to parties from North Dakota and will be turned over as soon as the invoices of the stock can be completed. Mr. Main does not say what he intends doing, but it is certain that he is not contemplating changing his residence from the Flathead.

L. D. Bates has also sold his drug business to F. C. Sherran, of Faribault, Minn. Mr. Bates is postmaster, and will remain in Columbia Falls, holding that position.

- - - The Kalispell Bee

1910, 05 July: New Concern For Columbia Falls

The Hustler Mercantile Company filed articles of incorporation last week and will open a first-class line of general merchandise at Columbia Falls in the near future. The company will occupy the business location of the former Main Mercantile Company and will put in a large and complete stock. The incorporators are A. J. Brinkerhoff, John Morton, and Harry Whitestone, all well known residents of the Falls.

- - - The Kalispell Bee

1925, 16 April: Anderson Opens Theatre At Columbia Falls

Carl E. Anderson of the Liberty theatre here [Kalispell] opened a new moving picture house, the "Columbia Theatre," in Columbia Falls last night, in the old Kennedy building, which had been vacant for some time. Mr. Anderson has remodeled the place considerably, adding a white stucco front, a stage, and "the last word in theatre equipment," he says, and shows will be on there from three to five nights a week. A local manager will be appointed to run the house. The opening picture, Harold Lloyd in "Safety Last," played to a large audience, which included some Kalispell people.

The only other picture theatre in Columbia Falls is the Theatorium, which has been running for about fifteen years, it is understood.

- - - Daily Inter Lake

Business Men Erect Arch Sign

Business Men Erect Arch Sign
August 27, 1953

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