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Heritage Days Committee And Event Contact Information

There a several ways to contact the Heritage Days Committee.

The preferred method of contact is via email at: info@cfallsheritagedays.com

A second method of contact is via the online contact form. Click here to go to the online feedback - contact form page.

Heritage Days Committee and Event Coordinators are listed below.

The coordinators for the following events should be contacted directly via the phone numbers listed below: Vendors, Rodeo, Boogie to the Bank, Wildcat Endowment and 3-on-3 Basketball

    Heritage Days Committee

  • 406-892-2072 or e-mail director@columbiafallschamber.org: General Information - Columbia Falls Chamber of Commerce.

    Visitor Information Center is open as a kiosk, 24 hours a day. All entry forms are available here.

  • 406-892-0178: Parade (Shirley)

    • Event Coordinators

    • 406-261-2016: Annual Car Show (Vicki)

    • 406-407-1211: Vendors (Brandy)

    • 406-751-4758: Boogie to the Bank (Ashley)

    • 406-250-5110: NRA Rodeo

    • 406-892-2111: Wildcat Endowment Events

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