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The "100 Years Ago" section which began last summer will be continued for 2014. The first edition, from January 1, 1914, has been posted below. This section will be updated weekly thru the end of July.

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    100 YEARS AGO
    ~News briefs from The Columbian of April 16, 1914~

  • One of the large display windows of the Hustler store attracted more than a usual amount of attention Saturday afternoon by reason of the fact that it contained an excellent exhibit from the Edelweiss Poultry farm with Proprietor Waggoner in charge.

  • Among a number of automobile parties in town Sunday were D. R. Peeler and Lou Knight and ladies.

  • Miss Rose Krier submitted to a slight operation on Wednesday of last week for the removal of a tumor growth upon her cheek.

  • Glacier Park Superintendent Galen was in town last Thursday endeavoring to secure men and teams for work on roads in the park.

  • Joe Baker finished painting a large new barn on the Mike Berne place near the Valentine school on Saturday. He also did some papering at the Ladenburg home last week.

  • Another one of those famous country dances at Nutter's hall on Saturday night, April 18, where the Goddard music is the best in the valley, a dandy floor and a good lunch, all for $1.00. You are invited.

  • Matt Brill came down from the upper North Fork country Friday night. He states that the roads are at this time practically impassable for teams. Much activity is taking place among the coal and oil outfits across the line.

  • Tom Hand, the grain buyer and manager of the local elevator, was in town last Thursday and reported the crop outlook as the best in many years.

  • Axel Lund and Nels Hoagland were in town Sunday from Lake McDonald, where they are employed at the government saw mill.

  • Frank Young, Mrs. Fifield's father, sustained a fractured arm last week when a mud slide at Java struck him while in charge of some bridge work.

  • The law firm of Rhoades & Reinking being dissolved by reason of Mr. Reinking taking the office of assistant county attorney, makes it necessary to discontinue the weekly visit to Columbia Falls by these gentlemen.

  • Joe Cosley has left the employ of the park service and will leave shortly for Mountain View, Alberta.

  • For sale - About fifteen horses, broke and unbroken, saddle, driving, pack and work horses. See Jack Opalka.

  • Frank Coombs, formerly a resident of this city, arrived here Sunday from Alaska, where he has been the past several months.

  • About sixty couples attended the dance given by the Royal Neighbors on Monday night. A five-piece orchestra furnished the very best of music and everyone had a good time.

  • Fred M. Ferrell was disabled for several days this week by taking a fall while working in his store, on Saturday. It was believed for a time that some ribs were broken, but he has recovered nicely at this time.

  • A certain local autoist has learned by sad experience that it is necessary to have gasoline in the car in order to make it run. Being stalled several miles from home on a dark night is a hard-luck experience and when the gasoline is gone, no amount of doctoring it up will give any relief.

  • Paul Norris purchased a 1914 model, five-passenger Ford yesterday.

  • Jack Wise has leased his resort at Lake Five and has left with his wife for Walla Walla, Wash.

  • Dr. John T. Robinson is the owner of a new model Overland automobile, while John Schander has purchased his old car.

  • Frank Motichka, the west side farmer, has bought a 35-horse power Reo automobile.

  • The Josiah Rogers home was placed under quarantine for scarlet fever Tuesday evening. Mrs. Rogers and the youngest baby are both sick, but not seriously.

  • Two carloads of cinders were received here yesterday and under the direction of Street Commissioner Neitzling were placed upon the streets.

  • Tonight and Friday night at the Theatorium, "Aurora Floyd," a two-reel Tannhauser and two other reels - four in all - 4,000 feet of film lasting one hour and 20 minutes each show. Something worth while.

  • The Sunshine society met Tuesday afternoon at Mrs. Jas. Grist's home in honor of her birthday. The date being also Mrs. T. V. Kilduff's birthday, she was invited as guest of honor. A very pleasant afternoon was spent.

  • A. G. Berry, manager of the Berry Ice Cream factory of this place, left Tuesday for the different spots on Flathead lake with a view to placing his product on sale. He was accompanied on the trip by Frank Nichols, who is visiting here from Iowa.

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